Appulate’s wholesale partners saw an increase of over 120MM of additional prospective business within the past year

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For nearly 20 years, Appulate has been at the forefront of the insurance technology industry, by creating an ecosystem for agents to find and submit to you. Appulate makes it easy for you to ingest submission data, so you can submit business to your carriers or download data into your backend systems at the touch of a button and eliminate operational inefficiencies.

Appulate marries best-in-class submission / quoting automation with the single largest network of independent agents (more than 35,000 agencies) producing over $1B in annual premiums for our partners.

Agent-Facing Portal

Appulate offers an out-of-the-box agent-facing portal for every major P&C line of business on a system that is already used by the majority of retail agents. This allows us to keep costs low, deliver solutions fast, and guarantee that agents will use the technology you’ve invested in as soon as it is implemented.


Appulate offers connectivity to hundreds of markets across dozens of lines of business. We are able to connect to nearly any carrier portal on demand (even without their participation) which eliminates the need for manual entry when submitting through their quoting portals.
Connectivity to hundreds of markets


Appulate has been automating the quoting process for nearly 20 years, now serving nearly 300,000 independent retail agents. This makes Appulate the number one distribution platform in the industry. Our tools allow you to filter submissions, expose your appetite, and strategically target agents in all 50 states.

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Johnny Yarbrough, Market Specialist
Wholesalers get arguably the most ROI from Appulate due to smooth automation of data both coming in (from agents) and going out (to carriers).

Appulate Partner Performance

$ 3.6B+

Premium Submitted Annually


More likely to Bind on a Digital Platform


Submissions per month

Top distribution system for networked agents to identify new markets

With Appulate, wholesalers have access to our massive network of 300,000 agents through technology that is compatible with any agency management system.

Appulate Distribution Potential


Independent Agents subscribed to hear from new markets


Appulate performed higher than
all social media combined for distributing products


Appulate accounts for 70%
of new markets selected amongst all distribution platforms


Agents increase their sales funnel
by 20-30% with better technology utilization

80% of independent agents prefer Appulate to do business digitally, its time to make your products available where agents are actively seeking them!
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For Wholesalers


Submit to hundreds
of market portals with Ease


Take Advantage
of Appulate’s exclusive
Pre-Built Portals


Appulate’s Massive Network
of 300,000 Agents


Eliminate Manual Entry,
Filter Submissions,
and Streamline Data Collection

Wholesale partners leverage Appulate’s automation technology for distribution, market access, to eliminate data entry across the quoting process, and agency appointments and billing for independent retail agencies.

Why Appulate's Agent Portal?

Retail agents use Appulate as their «submission management system» to find new markets and eliminate operational inefficiencies in the quoting process. Appulate can create two workflows for your agents:

Using Your Portal, Appulate can ingest data from an ACORD or AMS, require basic information, and send the agent to your portal along with their data and single-sign-on capabilities.

Or Using Appulate’s Portal – Appulate can become a dynamic and complete agent portal for your programs, automating the quoting process and increasing distribution.

Your Portal
Appulate’s Portal
ACORD to XML API for all major lines of business
Reduce Manual Entry
Single Sign On
100% Agency Management System compatibility
“Drag and Drop” ACORD upload
and data extraction
Policy Admin System Export
Questionnaire Basic Dynamic
Appetite Guide Basic Data-Driven
Automated Underwriting
Supplemental Form Completion
Real-Time Rating and Quoting Capabilities
Automated Appointments
Bind Request & Initiation
Automated Billing Tools
API Integration Capabilities
Strategic Distribution Resources
Loss Run Request Automation
Insured-Facing Tools
Reporting and Tracking
Carrier Portal Data Mapping
Much more!

It’s simple: WholesaleConnect increases your opportunity for growth by making it easier for you to do business with both your markets and agents.