PEOConnect delivers your PEO products to the industry’s largest network of agents, while enhancing your quoting process.

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PEOConnect’s technology allows agents to bridge data directly from ANY agency management system into our agent-facing portal, giving them instant transparency into your product’s appetite and submission requirements – ensuring that every submission you receive is qualified and complete.

PEO Benefits


PEOConnect utilizes targeted,
data-specific criteria that enables
our extensive distribution channel of agents to locate and engage
PEOs more effectively.

Over 300,000 agents use Appulate to find new markets to work with, generating over 20,000 monthly submissions and $4B in annual submissions.


Appulate’s technology helps you increase your bottom line by reducing time spent on the intake of submissions, empowering underwriters to rapidly review and respond to agents’ submissions.

Hundreds of markets have been able to achieve consistent success with our time-proven results without gambling with their resources, increasing profits and boosting efficiencies.


Our technology allows agents to bridge data directly from ANY agency management system into our agent-facing portal, designed to give instant transparency into your products’ appetite and submission requirements.

Our platform eliminates redundant keystrokes, no matter the workflow or technology you currently use.

Agents clearly have a huge benefit in working with PEOs, but all too often are deterred by the time-consuming
back-and-forth underwriting, slow quoting processes, and lack of standardization and transparency. PEOConnect solves all those issues in a matter of seconds on the industry’s top platform.

PEOConnect gives you the ability to increase your submission activity, while streamlining your quoting process.