Expand your distribution, automate your workflow & increase your margins.

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For nearly 20 years the Appulate technology has empowered MGAs to overcome technology restraints and streamline workflows with enhanced distribution, underwriting automation, instant quoting, appointments, and billing. Appulate understands the specific value of MGAs for agents and have created the best platform in the insurance industry for promoting their products.


Agents can easily upload data from any agency management system using Appulate’s forms upload and parsing technology to transfer ACORD forms into structured XML data.


Utilize technology that works out-of- the-box with commercial and personal lines of business while promoting your products with our exclusive resources.


Take advantage of Appulate’s online rating, instant quote generation, and the ability
to customize requirements
for the underwriting processes.

Custom Solutions

Utilize Appulate’s mature interface and expert engineering resources to build custom
solutions with the technology you have already invested in.

Data Bridge

Bridge data submitted by agents into a highly automated workflow to eliminate data entry and increase productivity.

Experience the benefits of Appulate for MGAs with a live demonstration of our platform and automation technology.

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Johnny Yarbrough, Market Specialist
The industry is evolving in a way where agents want to work with MGAs more than ever. It’s all about being an expert on your product and delivering faster, more accurate quotes.

Appulate Partner Performance

$ 3.6B+

Premium Submitted


More likely to Bind on a Digital Platform


Submissions per

Top distribution system for agents when finding new markets

With Appulate, MGAs have the ability to connect to our massive network of nearly 300,000 agent users through technology that is compatible with any agency management system. Easily expand your business, automate your workflow, take advantage of custom solutions, and bridge data to back-end systems.

Appulate Market Potential

$ 3.6B

Commercial Premium Submitted


Average Premium 2021


Commercial Submissions 2021


Average Agent New Market Selection


Appulate is the most forward-thinking
and dynamic solution for MGAs (and wholesale brokers) looking to expand their distribution, automate their submission workflow,
and increase margins. Appulate delivers many “plug and play” solutions to eliminate lengthy implementation timelines.

Empowering Agents

Agents rely on Appulate as a necessary part
of their workflow with the ability to upload data from any agency management system, find new markets to work with, rate/quote/request to bind business, and track submissions – all within seconds.

World-Class Technology

Appulate has been innovating insurance technology since 2005. Nobody knows this industry better than us! Make your programs and products more accessible for agents and save time by enhancing your current technology to the most automated system available in the industry.

MGA partners leverage Appulate’s automation technology for distribution, network access, and the ability to provide premium financing and agency billing for small and medium-sized agencies.

Appulate MGA Offerings

Automated Quoting
Enhanced Distribution
Automated Billing
Eliminate technology restraints with automated quoting.
Leverage Appulate’s network of nearly 300,000 agent users for product distribution.
Eliminate technology restraints with automated quoting.
Connect to rating systems via API to deliver realtime information to agents.
Tackle strict volume requirements with ease.
Offer agency billing to the small and medium agencies who need it.
Eliminate manual processes like data entry, appetite indications, underwriting, appointments, and rating.
Cross-sell products across lines of business based on insured data.
Issue quotes with custom markup options, billing type, and self-service billing processes.
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Make your products available where nearly 300,000 agents are actively seeking them!