Appulate It

Filling out carrier websites and portals is so 2015…
Today, agents just “Appulate It”!

At Appulate, we are out to solve the data entry challenges in the P&C quoting process for retail agents and the carriers / programs that they connect to. Our simple technology bridges ACORD and other data from any retail agency management system to complete the quoting process. And, since the carriers and programs cover the cost, agents can use Appulate FOR FREE!

For Carriers / MGAs

Make it easier for your agents to do business with you! By giving your agents the ability to “Appulate It”, you empower your agents to spend less time doing data entry and give them more time to sell. And, you become an even more favorable market as a result!

Appulate can move ACORD and other data you require from the retail agent to you – where it can be consumed by your agent portal or backend policy system. And, if you really want to be on the cutting edge – Appulate can provide a Rate / Quote / Bind / Issuance experience directly to your agents.

For Program Administrators

Maximize your program’s exposure and offer a real-time Rate / Quote / Bind experience! More than 28,000 independent agencies (roughly 80% of the market) use Appulate.

By “propping up” your program in Appulate, you are not only able to expose it to the largest network of independent agents available, but you can provide a real-time Rate / Quote / Bind experience that makes it easy for agents to do business with you. Give Appulate your rates and appetite and we’ll give you more submissions and binds! Instead of having agents email or fax you, they can “Appulate It”!

For Agents

Each time you get disrupted and squeezed, Appulate is here to help you! Our technology, provided for free, reduces data entry time, better tracks your submissions / quotes and offers you convenient access to best-of-breed insurance programs / products with a full Rate / Quote / Bind experience. Save time and get quotes faster – just “Appulate It”!

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Appulate helps carriers do business more easily with their agents and get quotes out faster. Carriers also use Appulate to reduce their own data entry and improve the quality of business received. As more of your business moves online, Appulate is a must have.
Kathy Trimble
Sales Manager